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As the world moves towards globalization and international businesses, businesspeople throughout the world are feeling the urge of expanding their business both domestically and internationally. In Iliad International, we provide our clients with unique services that cater for their investment needs. These services include professional consultancy in different business fields, offering business propositions and purchasing opportunities. If you need to purchase a business anywhere outside Iran, Iliad International can assist you in acquiring the most profitable ones.


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    در صورتی که مایل به دریافت مشاوره‌ی رایگان هستید، اطلاعات خود را در فرم زیر وارد کرده و منتظر تماس مشاور تحصیلی باشید. در صورت تمایل، می‌توانید فرم کاملتر مشاوره را اینجا تکمیل نمایید.