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International English Tests, such as IELTS, TOFEL or Pearson are a precursor to almost all other steps in the admission or immigration process.

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Admissions from universities, colleges or any education centers where course materials are offered in English require an overall IELTS test score of 6 to 7.5 or the equivalent of this score in other international English tests such as TOEFL-ibt or PTE Academic (Pearson Test of Academic English).


There are certain colleges or universities where an IELTS band score of 5-5.5 is also acceptable for a conditional admission, assuming the applicant shall be admitted to the local English courses hosted or held by the very receiving education body. The applicant will move on to begin the actual course upon successful completion of the prerequisite English language classes.


For scholarships, funds and grants, an IELTS band score of higher than 7.5 or its equivalent in other recognized tests is an essential must in an applicant’s CV.


For Permanent Residence visas as a Skilled Worker migrant, in countries like Australia, the applicant has to achieve at least 6 in each skill before even qualifying to lodge a case.


A straight 7, meaning a 7 in every single skill of the IELTS test or its equivalent in other tests, according to the Department of Immigration of Foreign Affairs of Australia is the lowest band score that equates to any migration skills. A straight 7 gives the candidate 10 migration points and a straight 8 amounts to 20 migration points.


To apply for almost any type of student, work or permanent resident visas in English speaking countries, constitutes a considerable amount of improvement in the candidate’s English skills as well as reaching the required level of preparedness in each of the four skills of Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening for an international test of choice.

English Language Teaching services offered in ILIAD International, using a decade of background experience and expertise of our qualified team are unprecedented.




Testing Services:

IELTS Test Simulation Packages

1- ILIAD’s Listening & Reading tests

2- Detailed analysis of candidates’ writing samples by a former IELTS Examiner

3- Producing a complete writing sample based on the candidates’ original samples

4- On-demand teaching relevant to each candidate’s areas of difficulty

5- Speaking Test (IELTS Interview) Simulation

6- Recording each interview and analyzing it individually for the candidate

7- Producing a sample response based on the candidate’s recorded responses



Workshop Services:


1- Clarification and instructions on each skill (General Training & Academic)

2- Providing pamphlets and materials for practice and internalizing skills

3- Marking and re-writing candidates’ writing samples real-time

4- Speaking Interviews & further practice based on the candidate’s areas of weakness



Study Plan Advice:

Consultation and customized planning for each candidate


One of the main reasons why a considerable portion of candidates often fail to reach their desired goal, is the absence of a consistent, realistic and sophisticated study plan.

Many of our clients have been among those candidates who had gotten lost somewhere along the way, running down in a vicious circle of disappointment and failed test results who only needed intelligent guidance, support and study planning before getting back on track and achieving their required band score.



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