Group of Eight Australia Universities
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Group of Eight Australia Universities

Group of Eight (Go8) is a coalition of research intensive Australian Universities. It is constituted by 8 outstanding universities of Australia. Go8 universities are some of the largest and oldest universities in the country. They are called the Sandstone or Brick universities. Go8 was established in 1999, with its main office located in Canberra the Capital of Australia. The membered universities are among the top universities in Academic Ranking for research, education and training at national and international levels.

·         They undertake 70% of all Australian university research;

·         Enroll around 80% of all higher degree by research students;

·         Publish 60% of scientific papers;


Entries to these universities are very difficult, as have certain strict conditions. Hence only outstanding and dedicated students may win a chance to qualify to their requirements. Having graduated from prestigious universities or have published articles may be useful for assessing the applicants’ applications. In recognition of the excellence of teaching and research that exists in Group of Eight universities, members agree to enhance the mobility of students between them by facilitating the transfer of credit earned at their institutions.


Go8 members:

·         The University of Western Australia

·         Monash University

·         Australian National University

·         The University of Adelaide

·         The University of Queensland Australia

·         The University of Melbourne

·         UNSW Australia

·         The University of Sydney


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